Federico Sabolla

The group of virus generally known as “cryptolocker” is exponentially spreading itself because users are willing to pay a ransom to criminal organisations to have their data back.

I want to remind you that Cryptolocker is a virus that encodes all the PC’s files in ones network and makes them useless. Most times the virus strikes devices that open mails’ attachments believed harmless.

Your computer’s data is important, what would happen if it suddenly disappears?

In the following list I will write a few easy advices that might help users to protect themselves against this threat: easy, but not trivial, since we experts are always receiving more and more calls for help from desperate people.
– Your data is important: do frequent backups on at least two devices that are external to your own network.
– Check regularly that the data’s keeper is working efficiently.
– Before opening an e-mail, always check the sender’s reliability: it might happen that the domain (the part following the @) is not associated with the sender (bank, utility or government agency).
– Always read the text of the message and, if personal data is included, check if they’re corresponding with the ones in your possession; be aware of messages containing grammar or linguistic mistakes.
– Never open a dubious link.
– Always be wary of e-mails containing .ZIP, .RAR, .EXE attachments.
– Even Apple devices can be affected.
– In enterprises’ networks only map the units that the client needs to effectively use.
– If you get attacked, immediately detach the network’s cable so that the virus doesn’t spread itself in the entire enterprise’s network.
– Don’t pay the ransom the criminals demand: after neutralizing the menace, do a restore.
– If you’ve been attacked and don’t have a worthy restore, you could try decrypting the virus by accessing the website:

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